Warm in the winter; cool in the summer

Insulation options available for Alaska are varied enough to meet your specific needs.

Choose from three different insulation solutions:

Polyseal Spray-on Insulation
Polyseal Insulation installs soy-based polyurethane spray foam insulation products. BioBased Insulation is a soy-based polyurethane foam insulation. This innovative product has excellent thermal and sound insulating properties that can help to create a healthy, comfortable, energy efficient, and durable residential or commercial structure.

BioBased Insulation will not support mold growth and is not a food source for rodents, insects or other vermin. BioBased Insulation is custom applied into place disallowing it to sag or settle over time like conventional insulation.

Contact Polyseal direct for a quote.


R19 Fiberglass Blanket
R19 Fiberglass Blanket, as pictured on below (left), is the traditional low cost building insulation solution.

Fiberglass Blanket and Simple Saver System are compared in the diagram below.
Simple Saver System The Simple Saver Insulation System, pictured below (right), (R-36 Roof, R-25 walls) offers a full-thickness insulation solution protected against water vapor influx. Purlins are fully encapsulated, leaving a clean and finished interior appearance.
R19 Fiberglass Blanket Simple Saver Insolation System


Jacketed Foam Insulation Panel
Standard-Roof and wall covering shall be 26 gauge steel ribbed panels. All painted steel panels shall receive a G-90 galvanized coating or galvalume coating before paint is applied. Panel material shall conform to yield strengths of 50 to 80 ksi. Unless otherwise specified the exposed surface of all galvanized panels, flashing and trim shall be color coated with a silicone modified polyester coating.

Colored panels shall be selected from standard colors. Roof and wall panels of other materials and thickness are available upon request.

All panels will be continuous from base to eave, and frame ridge to eave, except where lengths become prohibitive for handling purposes.


Optional Liners
Optional liner panels of other materials are available upon request. We have installed liner panels made of metal, plywood, and sheetrock.


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